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ZettRecruiters Inc., is an organization that has invested totally on giving the best services to its clients


Human Resource

At Zettrecruiters, we handle/provides all HR functions, including outsourcing, recruitment, man power training, executive development and talent management for selected organizations. We help organisations to select only the best candidates for the required positions.


Business development trainings

BDT is a programme designed to develop entrepreneurial abilities among people who want to become future successful entrepreneurs. Our teams of experts will nurture, develop, polish and inculcate the necessary entrepreneurial skills into people that want to be successfull and are ready to impact lives while they build their own business empire.


Health Research

we use our up-to-date research techniques to execute all our clients’ request on health matters.


Financial Consulting

We also engage in financial services like securing a loan with easy documentations.


We carry out intensive training services with up-to-date models


Management Trainings

Whether you have a group of new supervisors or an experienced team that needs some skills sharpening, our team of experts, management training courses, workshops, seminars, and multi-session programs can provide your people with opportunities to learn and practice a range of skills: defining boundaries, setting goals, holding people accountable, coaching, counselling, speaking in public, thinking critically and creatively, managing time, building a team, hiring, and planning for the future.


Leadership Development

At Zettrecruiters, when it comes to leadership development, we help improve the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. We are also involved in coaching, developing and mentoring of great minds.



ICT is a big part of us at Zettrecruiters. We offer complete ICT training and advance programming including AI.

Web Services

Our web services are of world class. We make sure we satisfy your needs to the last


Web Development

We build and design web sites. We’ve built several websites for clients.



Zettrecruiters is involved in direct online advertising, SEO, Email marketing and bulk-sms marketing.


Job position: Business development executives

Requirements: Minimum of HND with at least 2 years experience in sales job

Job position: Receptionist/secretary/PA

Requirements: HND in any related field with at least one year in similar role

Method of application: Send application & resume to hr@zettrecruiters.com

About Zettrecruiters Inc

Zettrecruiters Inc, is a business optimization consulting firm founded by distinct professionals/entrepreneurs that has vast knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship schemes, human resource management, business research techniques, strategic financial services, ICT and web services. We put our clients first and we want to work with you as partners on an on-going basis towards making your organisation more profitable and better performing in terms of its bottom-line. Through the help of God, hard work, perseverance and commitment with pursuit to achieve greatness, We have grown steadily over the years.